• "Shani Deva is Father of Lord Shiva"
  • "Shani Deva is the God of Justice"
  • "After the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Shani will be supreme God."

Welcome to Sunny - The Fourth Generation Religion

This Religion consists of best of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

Our Videos were free earlier, but due to copyright issues, we made video available only on demand. We have Video about every aspect of life and cost of each Video is $2.39. Please contact us via contact form for Videos. The sample topics are:

1. How to get rid of sins in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam?

2. Who is God -Know Spirituality, Religion and Meditation

3. What is Good Karma -The short path to Salvation and Moksha

4. What happens to People after death. the heaven and hell and rebirth

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