• "Shani Deva is Father of Lord Shiva"
  • "Shani Deva is the God of Justice"
  • "After the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Shani will be supreme God."

Welcome to Sunny - The Fourth Generation Religion

If you want to contribute for helping the poor then here is the script of story

Our Business Verticals are:

There are eight business verticals in Kalkie Grand:

Food Vertical: Opening Chain of low cost and mid-size eateries world-wide.

Security: Opening World Class Security Services World-Wide to enable mass employment.

Transportation: Influx the surface transport worldwide with on-demand services.

Entertainment: Provide worldwide entertain through Movie Production and Gaming Ring.

Handicraft: Provide mass employment through production and distribution of handicraft.

Fuel: Provide alternatives to conventional fuels.

Energy: Build a huge network of Solar Grids worldwide.

Hospitals: Open a Chain of Multi-Specialty Hospital Worldwide.

For each $1 contribution, you would be provided with books of our company

For each $10 contribution, you would be provided with one share of our company, the factoring is 0.54

We are looking to raise the initial corpus of Rupees 786 Crore

On contributing, send your name, email, address, mobile number and contribution to shivparvati1949@outlook.com

If you want to contribute internationally then send by Paypal to shivshakti1949@outlook.com

If you want to donate by bank transfer, then donate in favor of "Subhash Chandra Thakur" in HDFC Bank account 05271930006722

The IFSC code is HDFC0000527 and Swift Code is HDFCINBBXXX