Books by IGuruCool

The main book of this Religion is God will Make You Successful in Life, This helps you to attain success and go to heaven.

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The other books by our Organization "Shani Sanatan Dharma" are:

1. The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Starters and Beginners

2. Kalkie and the paranormals of the third world war

3. Top 20 Ways of Profitable Online Income

4. Life Lessons from Jesus Reborn -A compilation of great articles by Jesus Reborn

5. The Darkest Hour is Just Before Day Break -A Poetry from Heart and Soul

6. How to do Viral Marketing -The steps in making Business and Website Viral: The elements of viral marketing

7. Kartik Kishan Kanhaiya and Ganrau's Ultimate Cook Book on Vegetarian Recipes: A cool collection of 16 mouth watering recipes

8. Kanhaiya and Ganesh Ultimate Cook Book on Non Vegetarian Recipes: An ultimate collection of 12 spicy and mouth-watering recipes

9. How to crack IITJEE Mains and Advanced in 6 Months. 1 Year, 2 Year -with or without coaching

10. The Utimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization -The Bible of SEO

11. How to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monetization of YouTube Videos

12. The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Marketing Professionals

13. Police Diary -Encounters of Inspector General of Police Kartik Sharma

14. How to get a Girlfriend in 15 Dollars -The Ultimate Love Guru Book

15. The Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Starters and Beginners

16. The ultimate paid to click (PTC) guide, how to make money using Neobux, Clixsense and other PTC sites

17. Miracles from Heaven - The proof of existence of God

18. How to treat a Bitch -A Girl who Ditch

19. The Fear of Flying -Why One Should not Take Airplane

20. Another Earth -Total Destruction through String of Guitars

21. Changing the Game of Chess - The new Rules of Corporate Wars

22. How to do Perfect Murder -The Art of Killing

23. Rules of Shanit -The Divine Rules for Followers of Shani Sanatan Dharma

24. Funny and Puny Corporate Logos and Dynamic Management Principles

25. Aishwarya was Innocent -Love always Pays

26. From Startup to IPO -How to Launch a Successful Company

27. Cassius -The Serial Killer

28. How to be perfect employer and yes perfect employee

29. The Thumb Rules of Ideation and Project Management

30. The Rules of Shanit -The Divine Rules of Shani-Sanatan Dharma

31. How to make healthy living -The first $1 Million in Five Years

32. How to lead a Happy Life

33. Analysis of Good Girls Traits

34. Sweet Child of Mine: The Regime Training

35. Life Beyond Celebrity or Movie Star

36. Marriage is about Compromise -To care and to protect

37. Struggles of an Entrepreneur and Struggles of Being Unemployed

38. How to Hire a Perfect Employee -The Rule Book for Hiring, Training and Retaining

39. Life Hacks and Principles of Motivation

40. How to lose weight -Fast and Furious

41. How to win democratic Elections

42. Learning from Mistakes - A good habit to be Successful in Life

43. Moving Towards Cashless Economy

44. The Rock Solid Principles of Marketing

45. The Psychology Behind Online and Digital Scams

46. Queen's Second Love

47. How to turn away your Hungry Customers

48. How to earn money from Bitcoins from Internet

49. Marketing Gimmicks -The unorthodox ways of marketing

50. How do girls trap and ruin life of Guys

51. SWOT Analysis of a Person

52. The Blueprint to revive Indian Economy

53. Life Hack for Kids

54. Things That Turns a Guy Off

54. Girl Games

55. The Blue Print of Club Culture Worldwide

56. Addictive Girls

57. How to Get Rid of Bullies and Stalkers

58. Your Love From Russia

59. Exorcism and How to talk with Ghosts

60. The Ultimate Guide for Unemployed Engineers

61. The Dos and Donts of Affiliate Marketing

62. The Top Ten and Best Ten Travel Destinations of World

63. The Psychology Behind Online and Digital Scams

64. How to Win Democratic Elections

65. Changing America 10 at a Time

66. Enter Shahrukh Exit Akshay

67. How to get rid of One Sided Love Affair

68. Islam as it should be

69. Life Hack for Kids

70. Moving Beyond Oil Economy

71. Priyanka Chopra and Me

72. How to create artificial rain

73. Reform your Mindset

74. An ideal holiday and party with friends

75. How to win friends and impress people

76. How to invest smartly in Shares and Mutual Funds

77. A Perfect Love Story

78. Women Who Make it To Top

79. Solving The Innate Problems of India

80. A curious case of Bus Robbery

81. A cop and gangster Aatishi Friends

82. How to get rid of domestic violence

83. How to spice up your married life

84. Solving the innate problems of world

85. My contributions to World

86. The Zenith and Nadir of Innovation

87. How to revamp the world economy

88. The real princess and the unreal pauper

89. A Classic Case for Lawyer

90. Ishq Mohabbat in Odessa

91. An Ideal Hindu Marriage

92. The Conception of Ramayana

93. The Conception of Mahabharata

94. Improving Performance in Sports Worldwide

95. The Ex-Wives Club

96. How to get pregnant fast with a boy or girl

97. How to tame the suicidal tendencies

98. Mission and Vision of Company

99. The Side Effect of Poverty

100. Some of the best websites on internet to earn money

101. The Blueprint for a Successful Hollywood or Bollywood Film

102. How to support Handicapped and Mentally Retarded People

103. My simple strategy for free online advertising

104. Joining Hearts Real Use of RTGS NEFT

105. Two Strange Love Stories

106. As one Sows as One Reaps

107. How to Manage Your Finances Well

108. Five Best Ways to Become Millionaire Fast

109. Road Map to New India's Agriculture

110. Only One enemy of Humanity

111. The New India Penal Code

112. Transactions of a Witch

113. A Successful Businessman

114. The Untold Story of Mahabharata

115. The Spell of Evil Eye

116. The Origin of Humanity

117. A Lost Tooth

118. Karma and Rebirths

119. The Real Story of Draupadi

120. I as Ganesha

121. Victim of My Own Head

122. The New Preamble of India

123. The Code of Charity

124. The Strept Dogs

125. The Best Birthday Treat Ever

126. The Birth of Bitcoin. differences, and why I quit

127. The Lineage of Rudra

128. Strengthening The Steel Frame of India

129. The Blue-Print for Prosperity of Muslims Worldwide

130. Death of My Nanaji

131. Revamping the Indian Banking Sector

132. Strategies of Proxy War

133. Lesson of Life

134. Success Story and Craze of Reliance Jio

135. The fight for freedom

136. Committing Same Mistakes Again and Again

137. How to get out of troubles

138. Simple and Safe ways to grow money multi-fold

139. The financial security of Indian Youths

140. Why Startups and Acquisitions Fail

141. How Police Works

142. What do we get?

143. Tourist Attractions of India

144. How to trade only for Profits in Share Market

145. Why Some People are Successful in Life

146. How to get rid of Internet Scams, HYIP, Ponzi Schemes, Affiliate Commission and Binary Options

147. How to Multiply your Money?

148. How to be a good Salesman?

149. Corporate Military and Regime Training

150. Employee Growth and Promotion

151. The Art of Perfection

152. How to Earn Money While Sitting at Home

153. How to accomplish difficult task

154. The art of building big teams

155. Me and My Sexy Cousin

156. Why do Customers Leave a Company

157. TV actress in Train

158. An Obsessive Lover of Mine

159. A Courtroom Drama

160. Business Class Friends

161. Dassault The Rampage of Avengers

162. Blueprint for New Fashion Label

163. Contributors Share in Building a Company

164. An Office Romance

165. What is Life?

166. My Ghost Girlfriend

167. Lord Rama's Sex with Mandodari

168. Sex Positions and Love Games in Modern World

169. Corporate Takeover and Wrong Side of Law

170. Making Money Through Bitcoin

171. Kid Sex and the Court of Law

172. The College Ghost

173. Concept Super Concept

174. Shiva as ArdhNareeshwar

175. A Blind Date

176. The Right Man for Job -Leadership Role

177. Natural Environment in Corporate Sector

178. The Spiritual Orgasm

179. Two French Detectives and a stubborn Ghost

180. What is Life?

181. Me and My Sexy Sister in Law

182. The Family Reunion Miracles

183. You win or you learn

184. Good Friday Today

185. The Promiscuous Girls

186. My Army officer friend

187. Bringing Up Roy

188. The New way of Hiring for GenX companies

189. My Conversations with God

190. The Get Rich Quick Scam

191. A fun journey in train

192. Things to Like and Dislike -Being Politically Correct

193. The Ghost of Kalibari

194. Bharat -The Spiritual Capital of World

195. Information Technology as Enabler

196. Making Money through Bitcoin

197. Relationship Goals

198. The Last Words of Ravana

199. Human Resource Management Training Module

200. Don Vs Himanshu

201. How to crack IIM MBA or CAT Exam

202. How to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam

203. Lottery Ticket

204. The Trajectory for Start-ups Worldwide

205. Life Goals

206. Top 20 Places to visit in Jharkhand